Standart Commands

Command Sender

Command senders are set to either player or console

Send Player Command

        - rca=command
        #- rca=shop

Send Console Command

        - cmd=command
        #- cmd=kill {player}

Send Message

You cannot connect with any selector. This feature is planned to be brought in version updates on CustomPanels v1.4

Send Message in Player

        - msg=Message
        #- msg=You have successfully received the award

Send Timed Out Commands


✅ Duration system is in Milliseconds

✅ At least 50 Milliseconds are used

✅ Numbers other than 50 and multiples of 50 are automatically converted to multiples of 50. (Example: The plugin will automatically convert the number 1275 to 1250 and use this format)

✅ The command does not wait to be sent and will continue queuing the next command to run. So make your time order accordingly.

Timed Out Commands

        - tms=Milisecond <command>
        #- tms=50 give=cooked_beef 32
        #- tms=100 msg=Successfully delivered 32 cooked steaks

Multiple Timed Out Commands

        - tms=Milisecond tms=Milisecond <command>
        #- tms=50 tms=100 give=cooked_beef 32
        #- tms=100 tms=50 msg=Successfully delivered 32 cooked steaks

List of commands not working while valid commands

  • close

  • reload

These commands are invalid

Open Menu Command

Player Open Menu

        - open=menu_name
        #- open=warp

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