Page Setting Commands

Close Command


Using close may cause some errors on players due to the data sent to the player. (Example: Entire screen disappearing) To fix this, you can use the close suffix after features such as teleport, not before it.

        - close

Using this command allows the player who performs the action to close the panel.

Reload Command


The reload command does not work regularly. If the items you use have attributes like {player} on them. These attributes do not work when using reload.

Next releases can be waited for regularization.

        - reload

This command rearranges and reloads the player's panel

Set Panel and Data System

Set Panel Slot

      - set_item=item_meta count slot
      #- set_item=diamond 4 0

Set Data

      - set_data=conx context
      #- set_data={player}-lastitem {player_handitem_meta}
      #There can be no spaces in the data name, but spaces can be used in return for data

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